Posted by: Ann Myers | May 21, 2010

Other People’s Letters, Part 6

On April 8, 2010, SCRC hosted a dramatic reading of a selection of letters from our collections. The event was planned and emceed by Abigail Wheetley, and we thank everyone who was able to attend. For those who were unable to attend, and for those who would like to revisit something they heard that evening, we will be posting transcriptions of the letters and introductions to them over the next few weeks.

We continue this series with the diary of a Carbondale woman, Jennie Delle Carter.

The Diary of Jennie Delle Carter

Carter Family Papers MSS 111

Keeping a diary, sending a letter, taking a photograph: we do these things to document the important moments. However, especially in this age of Twitter and Facebook, it seems that even the most mundane, the most ordinary, the least important events still beg documentation. The following is an illustration of keeping track of the mundane in an attempt to bring importance to the life of one woman. The Carters were a family who lived in and around Carbondale during the turn of the century. This is the first month of a diary kept by Jennie Delle Carter, who was well into adulthood and living with her mother in relative seclusion.


January 1

Mother and I were alone at home all day.

January 2

I went shopping and to P.O.

January 4

Went to town

January 13

Attended funeral of Uncle Will Allen of Washington D.C. at the Vienna M.E> Church Interment at Fraternal Cemetery. Saw Ella Reese  Dr. and Mrs. Keneipp of Mt. Carmel Illinois.

January 15

“Washed” today

January 17

“Washed” today

January 18

Went to “Town”

January 19

Went to Creal Springs Illinois with Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Furley and Marion Furley to funeral of Chas Wright at his residence.

January 20

Went to “town” bought waste basket

Saw Emma Rebman on the sqaure of Vienna

January 21

Attended church today. Mother and I ate dinner alone.

January 22

Julia, Randall, Aileen and Mr. Keller were here.

January 23

“Washed” today

January 24

Grant was here today. Went to Vienna Rebekah Lodge no 187

My first time to officiate as chaplain of our lodge. Those present were Essy Hakins, Mildred Veach, Gertrude Allard, Mrs. Canywell, Mrs. Carrie Ray and Jennie Carter.

January 25

Wrote to Vet. Administration

Re: claim to no. R. 36697

January 27

Went to “town” today

January 28

Attended services at the Vienna Christian Church this a.m.

January 29th

Blizzard came last p.m. and is still raging. Mother and I were alone all day.

January 30

Went to town. Blizzard is declining. Went to see Lille Van Derphuny who was indisposed. Went to see Mrs. Hogg and Mrs. Simpson and Virgie Hogg.

January 31

Real cold today. Mother and I ate home alone. I repotted amaryllis today also wax begonia in big pot.


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