Posted by: Aaron Lisec | April 18, 2013

The Art of the Book

On Wednesday and Thursday, April 17 and 18, SCRC celebrated SIUC’s 2013 Arts Education Festival, organized by the University Museum, by introducing some special visitors to the art of the book.


Judy Simpson and first-graders from Cobden, Illinois. Photo by Beth Martell.

Here, Judy Simpson gives a hands-on lesson to a first-grade class from Cobden in how books are made and how they are made beautiful.  The children washed their hands and got to touch a variety of covers and pages to feel the textures used in old and new books.  The books ranged in language and format and from the very old to a recent “musical book” by the Icelandic songstress Bjork.  The children attended Miss Judy’s instructions and were very respectful of the books.


Christina Gould (right), Anancia Stafford (left), and Cobden first-graders. Photo by Aaron Lisec.

Across the hall in the break room, another group of Cobden first-graders learned how to marbleize paper under the enthusiastic tutelage of SCRC’s Christina Gould.  Wearing painting smocks made from garbage bags the students mixed three drops of three different acrylic colors into the water on their plates, mixed the colors together with plastic forks, and dipped the paper into the resulting wash long enough for the image to absorb.   The finished pages, each a unique and beautiful one of a kind pattern, will be sent to the class once they dry.


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